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SIM card activation scheduled, EU Passenger Locator Form completed, all reservations on phone and printed copies, dog boarding scheduled. We are getting close. COVID test on Friday. We again need to reassure everyone that the risk of COVID is less in Italy than Staunton Virginia.

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Oops - one more detail

International Driving Permit

Oh crap. Last night I read that Italy requires an International Driving Permit. In the morning, Cindy and I raced to AAA in Charlottesville and voila, an International Driving Permit. Now we need to schedule COVID testing but the MedExpress had a daily quota. Testing is now tomorrow at 8:00 AM. We have to be tested within 72 hours of arrival in Rome. Two days until take off.

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Old Guys Get Grumpy

Could be the wine

We were having supper, spicy pork spaghetti sauce, pasta, salad, and cheap Chianti (it was bad). We needed to make decisions about the Ufizzi tickets, the Accademia tickets and if we were taking the ferry from Sorrento to Amalfi, Positano or both. Text messages were pinging, someone wanting me to help them with banking information. I am their payee, managing their money for them. I sent a copy of the statement. I was having trouble figuring out the blogging platform. The dogs were barking. My wife Cindy and Sally were eating but my plate was waiting. My wine glass was already empty. I switch from the blog to the Ufizzi web site.
"Who is the idiot that designed this web site?"
"Stop what you're doing and eat."
"What idiot would make you jump over two pages to find the combination ticket?"
"Eat. Does he always get like this?"
"Yes. This is when I take the dog for a walk. Usually she's first to the door. Look, she's at the door now."
"Dumb idiots. Look, it said tickets for 8:15 but on the next screen I select the time."
"Should we skip dessert and take the dogs for a walk?"
"Is there more wine?"
"Yes. While we are gone: buy the Ufizzi, combination ticket. We will decided the Accademia when we get to Rome. The ferry can wait. Look at the blog tomorrow. I will see you at home."
The door shut. The screen flashes with our confirmation. I press print and hear the printer starting up. At least we have tickets to the Ufizzi.
Never buy the $4.99 Chianti again.

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Paper Work Completed

Q-tip and uploaded.

A 8:00 we arrived at the clinic for our COVID tests. At 10:30 the three of us had Q-tips run up our nostrils. We are officially COVID free. Back at the house, I uploaded to the United Airlines site, our COVID tests, our COVID vaccination cards and our EU Passenger Locator Form. Next, tell the dog she is going to camp for three weeks. I hate the crying.

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Dog Heart break

Katie won't look at me

Once Katie jumped out the truck, she knew were she was, camp, dog camp with strangers. Treated like a dog. They don't even let her sit under the dining table and catch treats. They may be nice and call her sweet names but they are not her daddy even if her daddy forgot her bed. She probably will have to sleep on straw with the horses.

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